Dart Wars is a top-down game I started as a way to prototype different things for future products. It is a Nuclear Throne clone. In this game you journey to a variety of environments shooting darts at enemies in order to reach and conquer the Dart Throne. Environments are completely random with no two level layouts being the same. This is a very early Alpha version.

Current Planned Features (not implemented yet):
  • Dynamic lighting system
  • Boss Battles
  • Enemy / Player death effects
  • Weather effects
    (DONE - May add different variants)
  • Environment appropriate enemies
  • More weapons and weapon types
  • Looting system
  • Upgrades and skills
  • More clothing and costume options
  • Race / physical features
  • Save / Load system
    (partially implemented)
  • Sounds
  • Pause menu
    (DONE - Options Menu needs to be completed to fully 'complete' it)
  • Other menus (options, credits, etc)

WASD - movement
R - reloads gun
E - use door to next stage
SPACE - restarts the level
ESC - pause
SHIFT - on main menu reloads menu