Hobbox is a platformer created by Ryan Horton for a college course. I helped with the art and this is the final result. A few years ago I redid all the art to make it higher res and to just look nicer overall.

The idea of the game is very simple: navigate the obstacles and make it to the goal platform. Some people have found it to be somewhat difficult to control, but given the recent popularity of difficult platformers such as Super Meat Boy, it might be more well received today.

This was made back when XP was king. With the recent OS releases, things seem to work differently in the game. In Win7, for instance, the game will not reset the Hobbox after a death (you have multiple lives to try and complete a level). So, if you don't beat it with your first Hobbox you have to restart the whole game. We have looked into it but have not found what is causing the issue and it is therefore still present today. If you are playing on XP, you should have no issues and the game should run perfectly.

Gameplay instructions are included in the in-game menu.