Cube World is a creation by 'Wollay' Wolfram von Funck and his wife 'Pixxie' Sarah von Funck. The game is currently in an Alpha state and has a long way to go. However, it is a VERY polished Alpha and is amazing fun as-is. This game is very close to what I would consider my dream game and, because of that, I am very stoked about this game and the future it has. Here are some things about it from my perspective as both a wanna-be-developer as well as a gamer:

  • The overall feel of the game is extremely smooth. The movement, combat, aim, etc feels great and you can tell that a lot of time was spent on getting it right. It seems like a lot of indie games have a weird feel to movement and can't match the smoothness of something you get with, say, a Call of Duty game or an Elder Scrolls game. Cube World, again, feels wonderful and it is the little things like this that make it great.

  • The game feels much like a Zelda game but way more involved. Currently, there aren't really any quests in the game but recent twitter chatter from Wollay shows that it is very close to release. He has also been talking about new creatures, new biomes, and making the different areas smaller.

  • Every bit of land is randomly generated. While creatures aren't created on the fly, they are placed randomly each time. Even the names of areas and towns are made up on the fly. This makes for a unique experience with each seed and also creates a sense of being. To me, if an area has a name it feels more solid than a randomly generated area in some other game that is just there.

  • Currently, exploration is exciting but very slow. The world generates different areas randomly, according to the seed you choose, and they are pretty large. The only way to move faster is to have a hang glider, a rideable pet, or a boat. However it still takes a decent amount of time to travel out of a land and into a new one. The fact that he is planning on having these areas be smaller will be a welcome change and should make exploration that much more rewarding.

  • Multiplayer exists in the form of up to 4 player co-op. There is currently no PvP but I believe he has stated he may include that at some point. As for right now, the co-op is wonderful. There are many balance issues with a lot of the enemies and having a friend in the game with you can help out a great deal. Even though the game is still very basic and there is a low amount of things to do (compared with what is to come in the future) I have had a BLAST the few times I have played with my friend. As the game gets more and more fleshed out I look forward to endless adventure!

  • As far as current content goes you can level up, craft items, explore, kill bosses, raid castles/dungeons/crypts/fortresses, sail, hang glide, tame animals, and play with friends. Things that are planned are more biomes, more creatures, complete quest revamp, building (houses, maybe fortresses), more skills, and many more!

Wollay has come under harsh criticism for releasing an Alpha (for money) and then going silent for a long time with no updates to the game. Recently he has begun tweeting little teasers and tidbits on what he has been working on but many people are still turned off. I, for one, wish he would have updated the game with more content by now and wish he had communicated better but I am happy with my purchase already. I have gotten more time out of it as it is than with some $60 games from big studios.

Below I have listed a few videos I recorded of myself playing the game. In the first video I raid a castle. In the second I get my revenge on a boss that beat me once before. He lives on a massive rock pillar. In the last it is simply a short video of my character taking one of his first tries at hang gliding. If you would like to buy Cube World you can do so HERE.

My Videos:
Castle Raid!
Boss Revenge!
Flying in Cube World!